Wood/ALU windows

Why do we recommend MIK WOOD-ALU windows?

Wooden windows with aluminium cladding are quality wood windows, refined with aluminium coating. They are the best example of building components made from natural and durable materials. From the point of view of materials the combination of wood and aluminium gives you unlimited possible combinations of windows with interior and entrance doors, as well as various colours and forms. Modern manufacturing technology and quality wood protection by thick layers of environmentally-friendly water-based glazes and aluminium coatings ensure the durability and stability of wooden windows. They provide optimal thermal and sound insulation and create a pleasant living atmosphere.

The advantages of MIK WOOD-ALU windows:

  • High-quality timber and surface treatment
  • Environmentally-friendly water-based glazes in a wide range of colour shades
  • Aluminium is an extremely durable material that retains its shape.
  • Aluminium protection is available in a wide range of colours from the RAL scale, and in various wood imitations.
  • Aluminium can be 100% recycled and thus complements the natural condition of timber, providing environmentally-friendly living areas.
  • The option of installing three-layer glass for better thermal and sound insulation
  • Standard built-in security fittings, capable of upgrading up to the WK2level
  • A comprehensive range of corresponding accessories such as blinds, insect mesh protection, shelves, finishing the areas around the windows when replacing old windows with new ones…

Which windows should you choose? Depending on your individual wishes and the space requirements in which the windows are to be installed, you can choose between WOOD-ALU windows in two profile sizes. In addition to the standard built-in depth of 70 mm, we also offer a window installation depth of 90 mm. The increased thickness of the wooden frame provides better thermal and sound insulation.

The following models are available:

  • WOOD-ALU Elegance Line 80 MIK2
  • WOOD-ALU Elegance Line 90 MIK4

Wooden window colors

MIK wooden windows are protected from the harsh environment with thick environmental-friendly coatings produced from a water base. The coatings protect the wood from aging, enhance its beauty, give it its distinct look and help to preserve its typical structure. They are available in a wide selection of colors that enable your windows to perfectly match the exterior as well as the interior of your home.