Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows from MIK international are produced with high quality PVC window profiles supplied by German worldwide known supplier – Gealan, and high quality bulgrary protection fittings supplied by also German worldwide known supplier Winkhaus.

MIK vinyl windows provide for you the most important benefits:

  • high energy efficient performace,
  • noise protection,
  • security protection,
  • long lasting windows with acrylic glass coating (instead of foils) with 20 years of warrenty on weather conditions.




    Type of widnows:


    Type of local ventilation systems:

    MIKrovent Home 35MIKrovent Office 60MIKrovent Professional 120

    MIK Engineering solutions:

    Panoramic wallsGlass facadesVentilated facades


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    Royal Line

    Meet our Vinyl windows
    for Canada & North America

    Vinyl windows for your Royal comfort. MIK Royal Line windows are high quality windows with outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation made of vinyl. They are structurally stable, durable, safe and easily maintained. You can choose from different types of windows as well as a wide selection of acrylic glass coating and wood decors. They are also suitable for low-energy and passive construction with acrylic colors layer on the outside, ressisatable to moisture and extreme weather conditions.

    Additional Information

    Dimensions in mm.

    • Single-sash windows
    • Double-sash windows
    • Patio doors
    • Sliding doors
    • Panoramic walls
    • Winter gardens

    Basic color of MIK vinyl windows is white with the special geometric shape of the middle window seal functions comes in a black color on the inside side of window and in a grey color in the window wing.

    Your vinyl windows are available in wide selection of colors from shiny acrylic glass colors, perfect wood decors and classic white to a special silver acrylic color that gives your windows the appearance of silver aluminum. MIK vinyl window systems enable you to choose different exterior and interior window colors and décors.

    Standard acrylic glass colors

    RAL 9007

    RAL 7016

    RAL 8014

    DB 703

    RAL 9016

    Nonstandard acrylic glass colors

    RAL 7015

    RAL 7040

    RAL 9005

    Wood décors

    The wood décors give your PVC windows the appearance of wood. Laminated PVC windows are recommended especially for renovations of old houses to preserve the architectural design of the building. High quality PVC windows are available in 4 standard and 32 nonstandard wood decors applied to either the exterior or the interior of your windows.

    Standard décors



    Golden Oak

    Deco RAL 7016

    Décors with wood pattern realwood

    RW Deco
    RAL 9001
    Cream white

    RW Deco
    RAL 7016

    RW Deco
    RAL 9010
    Brilliant white