PVC windows

Why do WE recommend MIK PVC windows?

Our MIK PVC WINDOWS are quality windows consisting of plastic profiles manufactured by top producers Gealan and Schueco. Top-quality materials from reputable producers, our own development, and the most advanced computer-controlled manufacturing enable us to produce high heat and sound insulating PVC windows that are durable, safe, and easy to maintain. You can choose from a variety of window forms and openings within a wide range of acrylic colours and wood decors.

In addition, MIK offers the following for its quality PVC windows: a 10 year system guarantee, CE declaration of conformity, and the prestigious business excellence award ‘Recognised for Excellence – R4E’, granted by the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence (EFQM).

The distinguishing features and advantages of MIK PVC windows:

  • Strong and stable windows depending on the profile quality. MIK uses only top quality and additionally reinforced PVC profiles by Gealan and Schueco when manufacturing PVC windows.
  • High thermal and sound insulation, achieved by appropriate choice of glass, the correct thicknesses of the window casements and frames, and with quality sealing. MIK PVC windows have statically embedded tubular shaped seals welded in the corners, which cannot be extracted. MIK window seals are extremely flexible and revert back to their original positions after any change.
  • Security protection of windows leads to higher security for your premises. This is provided by installing the safety system of Winkhaus top quality fittings (mushroom cam system), thus preventing the casement from being opened or lifted by force.
  • The pleasant and healthy indoor climate achieved by regular ventilation produces conditions for a healthy life. MIK MIKrovent or GECCO energy-saving ventilation systems ensure adequate freshness throughout your home and ensure it is ventilated during your absence. Both ventilation systems can be installed within all MIK PVC windows.
  • Adaptation to your home and taste is achieved through a wide selection of MIK PVC window colours and forms and a rich supply of glass, handles, and muntins. In addition to the more popular white profiles we offer a rich palette of 12 glossy acrylic colours, which are extremely resistant to scratches and dirt. The stability of acrylic colours ensures a 20 year guarantee. If you prefer natural colour shades you can choose any of the 6 wood decors or various colour combinations.

Which windows to choose?
According to your individual wishes and the specific requirements for the room where the windows are to be installed, you can choose from among six lines of MIK PVC windows, which vary according to purpose, application, feasibility, and price.