ALU windows

Why do we recommend MIK ALU windows?

MIK ALU windows are extremely high-quality resistant windows made of aluminium profiles produced by the recognized Schueco manufacturer. They are also suitable for installing in a heavily air-polluted environment. Due to their additional insulating material MIK ALU windows provide excellent thermal insulation, mainly suitable for large-area glazing, as they are extremely stable and secure, and easy to maintain and use. What is more, technologically advanced MIK ALU windows can be fully automated upon request, thus providing an excellent choice for an intelligent home.

The benefits of MIK ALU windows:

  • The latest models of MIK ALU windows achieve the same level of insulation as PVC windows or wooden windows. ALU windows, with a frame width of 70 or 75 mm and a casement width of 80 or 85 mm, may have additional insulating material inserted in order to provide excellent thermal and sound insulation.
  • ALU windows are solid and stable. We suggest you choose ALU windows if you want to have large windows or windows designed as a bearing element of your home. The strength and stability of aluminium profiles is proved by the use of these profiles for the facade elements of large glass buildings.
  • ALU windows are modern and safe. The original quality Schueco fittings and exceptional resistance of their aluminium profiles, ensure a high degree of protection against burglary, water, and fire.
  • MIK ALU windows can be opened with a single touch operation. MIK offers the installation of a special system to the ALU windows, allowing for electrical control. Your windows may be opened and closed by remote control, you can pre-set the ventilation of your home according to your wishes, and program it, depending on the weather conditions and indoor climate.
  • ALU windows are available in non-sensitive bright colours. The powder coating of aluminium profiles, by using colours according to the RAL colour chart, provides an extremely resistant surface in numerous colour combinations. You can choose between different colour combinations on both the inner and outer sides of the windows.

ALU windows colors

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