About MIK

May our joint challenges become our common success

MIK Celje, d.o.o. produces plastic, aluminium, and wooden windows and doors. The company offers solutions for the modernisation or new glazing of existing buildings. During the 20 years of our existence, the company has been led by our Managing Director Franci Pliberšek. Under his leadership it has grown and developed into a socially responsible company with 200 employees. Our company is proud of having been recognised for business excellence by the European Foundation. The vision and future goals of the company are clearly defined and are in tune with our slogan: “We are turning challenges into success”.

The activities of MIK Celje:

  • Production, sales, and installation of plastic, aluminium, and wooden frame windows, doors (interior, exterior, fire, and garage doors)
  • Wholesaler of picture framing materials, including frame manufacturing machines
  • Investment and property management.


From the early beginnings to today.

In the 20 years of its existence, MIK expanded its manufacturing capacity twice and became one of the top manufacturers of PVC doors and windows. Owing to its creative and competent staff, efficient management and firm values, the fledgling company grew into what it is today: a company with almost 200 employees and a 17% share of the Slovenian PVC windows market. Today, MIK is more than a manufacturer of high-quality windows – we change the way you see the world.


  • 1990 – MIK, d.o.o. is founded.
  • 1998 – A new manufacturing plant for CE-plast PVC window frames spanning 1,700 m2 opens in Celje.
  • 2000 – A new computer-guided production line is set up. New business premises open in Gaji in Celje and the first MIK gallery welcomes its first visitors in Celje.
  • 2004 – The first sales salon opens in Maribor.
  • 2005 – A new production line for winter gardens is put into operation. New sales salons open in Ljubljana, Izola, and Murska Sobota. The second MIK gallery opens in Ljubljana.
  • 2006 – New salons were open in Kranj and Nova Gorica. The company is awarded the Silver Crest of Celje.
  • 2007 – The first phase (12,000 m2) of the new business & manufacturing complex is completed in Vojnik and operations are moved to the new premises.
  • 2008 – A new sales salon opens in Novo mesto. The general manager receives the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce award for outstanding economic achievements, and the “Celje’s Best Citizen of 2007”.
  • 2009 – Newly-renovated sales salons open in Maribor and Celje. The company enters the finals for the 2009 Slovenian Gazelle award, and wins the prestigious European Award for Business Excellence (EFQM).
    2010 – Expansion of manufacturing and sales range to include aluminium and wooden doors and windows.


Our company tries to offer the best quality products and services to our customers, in order to contribute to a better quality of life. We strive to produce long-lasting products and ensure their flawless operation for the benefit of our customers. Our company’s operation and entire production is oriented towards the best quality standards, resulting in the production of high- quality products and services.

Our products have been awarded the following certificates:

MIK was given the European excellence recognition award – Recognised for Excellence (R4E), by European Foundation for Quality Management – EFQM. MIK encompasses business excellence within its business strategy including the performance attitudes of its employees. This ensures long-term success when striving to achieve our set goals on the home market, and gains us a competitive advantage in foreign markets.

Production and storage

The production process begins in the technology department. There our experts prepare the order for production based on the measurements and details obtained by our measurement expert. The whole process from receiving an order, doing the measurements, preparing technical details all the way to production is highly supervised and completed electronically. This enables us immediate elimination of possible human error and, of course,  ensures a short delivery period. The production line is equipped with computer controlled and guided energy efficient machines that are optimized so that the consumption of material as well as energy is lowered to a minimum.

Computer-guided production line

The entire production process of MIK PVC and ALU windows and doors is controlled through an EAN barcode. Therefore, every weld and every product, no matter whether it is the 1st or the 10.000th, is produced identically and with the same accuracy. Using the EAN barcode, any individual product can be tracked throughout the various phases of production.

Throughout our production process  we use only environmental-friendly materials (such as water-based colors …).  All the waste material is collected separately and then recycled. All the finished products as well as the materials are stored in indoor storage areas.

Our own computer based system of supply and storage and accurate logistics of supply and dispatch enable quick and simple daily material reception and dispatch of finished products thus decreasing the possibility of damages on finished products and ensuring on time installation.