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About MIK International

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MIK international is an European manufacturer with over 30 years of tradition, more than 200 employees and more than 7.000 satisfied customers per year. Company originates from Slovenia, European union. We are specialized in engineering, producing and installing high quality and innovative window systems and panoramic glazing solutions, glass and ventilated facades, local ventilation systems with heat recovery. We are specialized in creating energy efficient, secure and healthy living and working places. 

MIK is an important European producer of vinyl, aluminium, and wooden windows and doors, glass and ventilated facades and also local ventilation stystems. During the 30 years family founded and run business developed to important glazing player with 200 employees and significant international presence. Under the leadership of founder and CEO, Mr. Franci Plibersek, it has grown and developed into a socially responsible company. Our company is proud of having been recognised for business excellence by the European Foundation.

In the 30 years of its existence, MIK expanded its manufacturing capacity twice and became one of the top manufacturers of vinyl doors and windows in Slovenia and an important provider in Europe. Owing to its creative and competent staff, efficient management and firm values, the fledgling company grew into what it is today: a company with almost 200 employees and a 17% share of the Slovenian vinyl windows market with total revenues of CAN$ 30 million.

In last years, pursuing the goal of quality & healthy living, which is acomplished through careful building, glazing and ventilation, MIK developed unique and state of the art technology local ventilation systems MIKrovent.

Innovative & quality solutions

Our windows, facades and ventilation system are developed with inhouse knowledge in our very own MIK’s Energy Institute which is unique with its innovative test climate chamber where we test all of our products.

Our products are produced in computer-controlled production lines and certified by international ISO standards:

Quality standards – ISO: 9001

Environmentally responsible standards – ISO: 14001

Our window systems

Our material suppliers are worldwide known producers of components for production of windows systems, such as: Gealan, Schüco, Wicona, AluK, Winkhaus.

Our number one concern – Heathy Living

Our number one concern are healthy living spaces and prevention of Sick buildings Syndrome. We are specialized in developing, producing and installing of responsible construction solutions. Arising from this we produce local ventilation systems MIKrovent and energy efficient windows, glass and ventilated facades for healthy and energy efficient construction. 

With having good living condition as a goal, which comprises of good lightning and quality of air, our engineering team developed our very own local ventilation system solutions. MIKrovent is developed and designed to filter dangerous micro and nano parts entering your buildings, including Radon as an important gas, which is deteriorating health conditions in buildings.

Get to know more about this is AIRless ERA video: